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Your Favorite Band that Never Made it "Big"


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Here's a chance to introduce the TGP to a band that you love or loved that never got the exposure/fame/fortune that you feel they deserved. Whatcha got???

Here's mine: EGYPT
These guys were absolutely killing it in the mid-Atlantic region during the early-mid 90s, and we saw them everytime they came through the Richmond area. With RHCP, Fishbone, Faith No More, etc paving the way, I felt these guys were next in line for national/worldwide exposure playing funky hard rock. They had great songs, excellent vocals, killer musicianship and high energy, infectious live show that just plain killed. Not sure why they never blew up, as they seemed to be doing everything right at the time.

Besides, they did the best cover of "Your Love Is A Miracle" by Average White Band that would just leave you with goofy smile on your face, and your girlfriend weak in the knees. I've wondered over the years if any of the band are TGP members, or if any of the membership knows them personally.

If you can find their 1996 CD Drowning in the Promised Land, BUY IT! If you like hard rock with a groove, you won't be disappointed. I found some tracks on YT, so here is a sample of the mighty EGYPT. Enjoy!

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They started around the same time as Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, Anthrax, Scorpians, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and those bands even looked up to them. They were no different. Same gear. Same tunes. Same look. There are absolutely zero reasons why they should not have made it as the other bands did. Yet they failed. It just goes to show how chance luck and randomness play a big part also in who gets chosen.


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Mmmm... I have more than one:
Carrissa’s Wierd - late ‘90s -early oughts sadcore indie band. Almost made it, shied away from the big time.
Cookie - Same time frame as above, hot hot licks, quick tempo, fun punk (real punk, not the skater pop punk) with beautiful people and highly skilled playing. They had a helluva stage show too. Did I mention they were fun?
Willow - no. Not that Willow. Again, early oughts, Kevin Wood is the guitarist iirc. Riveting vocals, skillful playing, mature themes. They call themselves Willow and the Embers now, but the music they did in the early 00s was top notch.

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