Your favorite Fuzz-Friendly Wah...


I've used a Teese RCM3 with the Foxrox buffer for years. Works great with fuzzes. No problems.
I recently had a friend over and he brought his new RCM2 with the built in buffer. Sounded the same..both great.
The Foxrox has a trimmer you can adjust to get the right balance you want. I didn't open the new RCM2 so I'm not sure if it has a trimmer..but I assume so.
I've played a teese with the foxrox for so long, sorry I can't comment on others...I'm interested in hearing what else is even out there...
Come to think of it, I had an Ibanez WH-10 Wah that worked great with fuzzes...


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If you dig the do it yourself approach the BYOC wah kit sounds fantastic and sports an output buffer that can be set up on a bypass switch. Plays well with Fuzz Face, MKII, and BMP fuzz circuits. I couldn't be happier with mine!

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