Your Favorite Marshall in a Box?

Your Favorite Marshall in a Box?

  • Ramble FX Marvel Drive

  • Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

  • Wampler Plexi-Drive

  • Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi

  • Lumpy's Tone Shop Albion

  • Xotic SL Drive

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Guinness Lad

From cheapest to most expensive -

Crunch box - great but a little noisy, bad isolation it seems
Barber DD - ton of gain, this one I should have kept
Suhr Riot - more modern sounding
Menatone KOTB - probably the best one

I think I've tried others can't remember, these stood out though.


Superlead = Lumpy's Liquid Lead

Hot-Rodd'd / High-gain Marshall = BSIAB II

JTM45 = Barber Direct Drive


I don't own one but based on clips I've heard I like the Wampler Plexi Tone better than the Catalinbread DLS that I did own. When I need Marshall tones I really like my LovePedal COT50 w/Angus mod. This one delivers. Bought it fm a guy here on TGP.


Silver Supporting Member
I would be curious to here your impressions between the differences.

Ok, played it for a while today. The presence control really adds a JCM 800 type sizzle to the top end while still maintaining the base tone. This also darkens it up a hair which will be helpful to bridge pickup tele/strat single coil folks. Pedal has that great Marshall classic tone to make about any amp at any volume get extremely close to that sound. I even plugged it into my Vox AD5 solid state modeling amp and it sounded pretty good.

Cleans up great with the volume knob, and rolling the tone off of neck AND bridge pickups really yields that hard to nail "woman tone" and others.

The switch is totally silent through the amp and the signal never goes through it since it works off a relay.

Other than that, the 1st version and this sound and behave the same way.

Definitely a keeper, and one to check out through your rig if that's the sound you want.

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