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Your favorite Marshalls post 1974

Favorite Marshall amps post 1974

  • JVM 410H

  • JCM 2000 DSL 50/100

  • JCM800 2203/2204

  • JCM800 2205/2210

  • Silver Jubilee

  • 30th Anniversary 6100

  • 1959/1974 Handwired

  • Mid 70s JMP

  • JCM900

  • Other

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Silver Supporting Member
If yer handin' 'em out, I'll take a Silver Jubilee.

Only two I've used long term were a DSL401 with a Vintage 30 and a 4010/JCM800 with a G1265. I'm not really a Marshall guy and, though I know it's pretty much reviled around these parts, I preferred the Green/low gain channel on the DSL.

In fact, on the 4010, I preferred running it clean and putting an original Guvnor in front of it vs just getting all the dirt from the amp.


(|@ / \ @ |.)
Gold Supporting Member
Jube. Don't like any other post-73 Marshall's, though the JCM800 is fun to play.

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