Your favorite Muff-style fuzz (currently available)


I'm in the market for a killer muff-style fuzz. It could be any variant, Ram's Head, Pi, Russian, etc. as long as it can sound huge and has a somewhat quiet noise floor. Price is not a factor either.

I previously bought the infamous Sustain Punch Creamy Dreamer way back when they were still in production. I really did love that pedal's sound although I don't necessarily need that much gain. I sold mine a few years ago for a hefty price so no regrets but I am wanting that sound again.

My short list for now is:

ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud
Greer Amps Tarpit
Wren and Cuff Tri Pi '70

What else should I be looking at? What are you currently using?



I went the boutique route for muff and had a Devi Ever. It was fine.

Then I bought a good ol' fashioned giant NYC Big Muff, and it's everything I've wanted. It's quiet as all get-out, but run this thing into a tube amp and you'll be in fuzz heaven.


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If this is still available....Trifecta!


Other Muffs I have owned:
EHX NYC, Tone Wicker, Little Big Muff, Bass Big Muff and Nano Bass Muff
Vintage EHX opamp muff
90's Green Russian muff
Stomp Under Foot Pumpkin Pi
Psionic Audio 3.14
BYOC Li'l Beaver Triangle
Way Huge Swollen Pickle
Sustain Punch Creamy Dreamer
El Musico Loco Siamese Scream

I currently only own the Trifecta and the BYOC Li'l Triangle muff.
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The only way that these kind of theads could be barely usefull, it would be to list at least a handful of pedals you have tried and pick one or two of your favorites.

Otherwise, yes, my favorite Ring Modulation is Randy's Revenge. It just happens to be the only RM I have ever tried in my life. But it is my favorite. Really! Honestly!!! You have to believe me!!!! :p


I have several muffs (Sovtek Black Russian BMP, SUF Violet Menace, ARC Effects Big Green Pi (OG version), Blakemore Dreamsicle) and have owned several others. My favorite, by a long shot, has been the ARC Effects. It's quiet, lower gain, and has a very full and present sound that can range from full-on fuzz to almost-OD. Stacks well, looks great. I love it.

That said, I'm right on the verge of buying either (1) the latest offering from ARC Effects ( or (2) the new Way Huge Russian Pickle (

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I've been through many at this point, I love the SUF and TYM stuff above everything else I've tried...big fan of the Violet iterations with the slightly boosted mids and soaring sustain/gain. The ARC Shepherd is also right up there with the best Violets, and very versatile with the mids switch. Love the Triangles and Russians as well, but the Violet Ram's Head would be my favorite. The Vick Audio muffs are also excellent and a great buy. I've owned the Skreddys, Thorpy, Wren and Cuff, Basic Audio, D*A*M, BYOC, Hoof, Earthbound '71, EHX Deluxe, Tomkat, Mojo Hand etc., but really didn't love any of those. I have a Buffalo M-1 en route, looking forward to giving it a spin.
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Wren & Cuff Tall Font Russian is an absolutely solid choice. I also use W&C Violet World for a different flavor. There are simply a lot of great Muff clones on the market, do it can be confusing. When in doubt, just start with an EHX Big Muff. Now, if you like to tweak your tone for hours, get a Way Huge Swollen Pickle. Great Muff variation with seven different controls. SP can be picked up relatively cheap on the second hand market. Cheers.


When in doubt, just start with an EHX Big Muff.
I would actually advise any Muff virgin, to NOT start with Ehx. I did, and it took me years to digest the horror, and discover, that Muffs can be a glorious thing. I have the Fallout Cloud now - what a wonderful pedal. So many useful sounds, even in the extreme ends of the controls.
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You've got one? How's it sound in comparison to other Russian Muff clones, like the Hoof, for example?

I ordered one last night. Pretty excited.
I don't have any other Russian clones at the moment but I had a green EHX muff from the 90's for a long time and this sounds similar... at least as far as I remember it. The other muff-like pedals I use a lot are the Pharaoh, Swollen Pickle, and DBA Fuzz War. The RP is smoother than any of those. It has a nice taper to the volume control, it doesn't go from zero to ear splitting like a lot of muffs. The low end is retained throughout most of the tone sweep but it is never overwhelming like the Swollen Pickle. As you'd expect the mids are pushed forward and it sits great in a mix on bass or guitar.

Overall I like it a lot. It can't quite do the doom metal sludge sounds as well as the Pharaoh or Fuzz War but I think I'll end up using it a lot on bass.

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