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just out of curiosity i have not seen a thread on this in awhile, i was wondering what picks you guys used...ive just started using a Dunlop Jazz III i found lying around my apartment and am very surprised i did not use these earlier...they are really amazing little picks! what are your favorite picks?


I have used the tiny Fender 354 picks for years. I just bought 40 more of them the other day (I tend to lose them a lot). I like the Thins for acoustic, but the Heavys for electric.


Almost as good!
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Dunlop Nylon 1.00 mm or Herco Flex 75....I still like nylon after all these years, I love the tones you can get when you really dig in.

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Dunlop 204
Dugain acetate minis
National medium thumbpicks



Always used Dunlop Tortex, for acoustic, red for strummy stuff, yellow for leads, orange for chords with melody, or in-between stuff. The lighter red ones have a "nice" strumming sound, But I actually prefer digging in with the orange ones myself. I use blue or green for electric. The tortex is just comfortable for me. I had been using them until recently when I found Dunlop "The Wedge" picks. Basically the same thing, only slightly stiffer, they're all white, and they don't wear out as quickly as the regular tortex. I used to use the imitation tortoise shell stuff, but I broke them a lot, and on acoustic, they started sounding like a saw on the strings after a while.


The little tiny Fender Jazz picks like above but I use the extra heavy. I think them so much I bought a half-gross of them at musicians friend (I lose a lot of them too).


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I use (Dunlop) Adamas Graphite 2mm :AOK I like Dunlop Jazz Is too (the red ones) for when I'm in more of a rhythm player mood.

Ben C.

Nylon Dunlop Jazz III's... but they have to be the black ones! The red Jazz III's are too slick and add a bit too much 'quack' for my tastes.



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Golden Gate, extra heavy. They're totally round, and really big, and extremely hard. I love that nice full sound that I get with these, and how they fit in your grip nicely. Pinched harmonics are also a breeze with these. The one downside, they're hard to find and they cost $3 a piece. So I have 5 five of them, and I DEFINITELY don't lose them.

As an aside, in a pinch I'll also use good ole Fender extra heavys on the "rounded" side. I have hundreds of these at home in a jar, so I've always got plenty.

I like the Jazz III's, but they hurt my hands and wrist to use, so I stopped.

Blues Lyne

I like the shape and feel of the Golden Gates, but wished they weren't quite so thick. I really like the tone of the Clayton Ultems, so I've been sanding/filing the rounded triangle picks to the shape of the Golden Gates. I usually use the 1.2mm. Sometimes I'll also us a standard shaped Ultem or Ultex and pick with the rounded side.


Fender Delrin Heavy (1.0 mm) - my favourite pick for electric. Smooth, not slippery and feels just right.
On acoustics I'm far from settling... Still experimenting a lot...
i'm diggin' my mojo silver quarter pick and my real rock extra large bloodstone teardrop shaped pick.
the real rock is in the shape of the m'ind picks from decades ago and has a huge, phat tone. gotta be all that mass/velocity equation goin' on.
the mojo pick is interesting as well. i have to say that my experience w/ the proprietor of the mojo picks was less than stellar, tho'. i dunno if i got him on a bad day or what, but he was rude, presumptuous and condescending.


I use a red dunlop nylon JAZZ II (not III). the perfect pick for me. it's awesome I've used the same pick for the last 7 years or so and I have lost it at least 50 times (including across cities) and it always manages to find me again (I only had one II pick so I know I'm not finding others from the same pack or something). I love that pick. I can use III's when I have to. (ie: when the II is lost) but I prefer the II. the III is too sharp and too slick. the II I have is semi-round and has just the right amount of texture for me. I guess part of it might come from so much use over the years.

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I'm using Clayton Ultem small teardrop now. I've tried out various materials, and find I like the outstanding clarity of Ultem the best. I heard a definite difference in clarity going from Nylon to Delrin, and a greater degree going from Delrin to Ultem. Delrin has a nice slippery feel, and would be my second choice. Ultem is more stiff than Delrin or Nylon, so you can use a thinner pick, but still get the walloping attack of a thicker (other material) pick. The small size lets me get real intimate with the strings.

The only problem with these picks is that they're very difficult to come by in the small size. I've had to cut down the regular pick to get what I want, but then I just did a special order. Ultem lasts a long time, so I think I'm set for life.

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