Your favorite plugins?


What are some of your favorite plugins? Whatever type of plugin for whatever type of or pricey, from compressors to synths and sound libraries...bring it on.

Would be cool to see what you guys are using, I'm sure we'll discover some cool vst's this way.

I just bought Xfer Records Serum the other day. It costs $190 and totally worth it if you want some super cool synth sounds. It has a bunch of great pads and saws and whatnot with incredible sound shaping tools. The sound quality is incredible. I'm not huge into Dubstep or that kinda music but fooling around on the keyboard with this instrument is seriously fun(and of course you can use it in all types of music).

I'm currently looking for a good plug in for string sounds(especially cello) btw if you have any recommendations.
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I used to use a ton of stuff but since switching to a Mac and Logic pretty much use everything that's included with that! My 3rd party go-to's that I can't quit:

NI Guitar Rig
Toontrack Superior Drummer
Izotope Ozone for mastering
Izotope Vinyl - free plugin and one of my favorites, it's a lo-fi vinyl simulator. They discontinued it and just recently brought it back, that made me very happy.


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In no particular order...

Slate Everything bundle, especially the VTM, VBC and VMR
Klanghelm MJUC
VoS SlickEQ and Kotelnikov comp
VladG Limiter No6 and Molot
Audio-Assault Transient (broken under Studio One currently :()
Scuffham S-Gear
Rosen Digital IRs
Slate SSD with the CLA expansion pack
Waves SSL buss comp and API 2500 comp


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I'm a fan of Waves. I've got several of their plugs, but off the top of my head, the Reel ADT and the Puigtec Compressor are favorites.
The Reel ADT replicates Abbey Road's 'Automatic Double Tracking' technique, developed during the Beatles tenure at the studio. There's really nothing else like it, to my knowledge.

The Scheps 73 is another one I use often.


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I'm crazy about Stillwell's simple Transient Monster plug-in. Puts attack and sustain right at my fingertips.

i use a lot of plug-ins but that one is a little hidden gem that finds it's way into most of my fx racks.


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I've been looking at the Klanghelm MJUC, how are you using it mostly?
So far I've used it on bass, snare and kick with good results. The three "models" are different and each have their own sonic fingerprint. I haven't tried it on vocals yet, but I imagine it would do well there too. A little slower than a FET, a little faster than an opto. It can be a tad resource heavy in the high-quality mode so just be aware of that. Yeah, I think in US dollars, it's about $26 right now. Well worth it.


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man, mjuc is good on most things. I've been using it mainly on drums, but it's a good mix buss comp too. never tried voice though.


I like some Waves some others

PuigTec EQs
SSL channels and buss comp
Softube FET Compressor
Softube Dyna Mite
Lexicon reverbs
Abbey Road EMI TG12345 channel
Abbey Road J37 tape
Abbey Road ADT
Soundtoys EchoBoy
I like the Audio Damage Tattoo drum sequencer, like an MPC step sequencer


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I mainly use UA plug ins and the Slate plug ins. I do love the Soundtoys EchoBoy, and I like their Microshift for that John Lennon vocal sound. I have a few Waves I still use, but not many.


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I love using Two-Notes Wos-III
I also use Bias FX Pro and Bias amps pro. They sound great with the stock cabs disabled and an IR program.


I used the waves pultec eqp1a on ALL my bass and bass drum sounds for years. This got me a lot of business. I used to make 3 tracks of kick drums and eq them all differently. Then duck compress the bass/kick and people loved this. I think this is all standard practice now but 10ish years ago I was the only one doing this in my recording studio circle. It was kind of my secret sauce.

I also liked the SSL eq plug in. I used an SSL to mix so it was nice to be able to dial in some of that smooth silk top end on vox ITB.

And the UAD La2a and 1176. These are the common compressors that I couldn't live without. Hardware or software.
When I first started looking outside of Logic for plug ins I looked at the big Waves/Slate type stuff but then decided to go for the smaller shop stuff...

Valhalla for all reverb stuff - great sounding, great looking and each one is just $50. I have VintageVerb and Plate.
Tokyo Dawn - outstanding plugins, free and pay-for versions (at only €40 each), their new dynamic EQ (Nova) is great
Klanghelm - MJUC is a phenomenal compressor and ridiculously inexpensive at €24. I also use their SDRR saturation plug in sometimes too.
u-He - I use their tape sim 'Satin'. Again, reasonably priced but more expensive than the others at $129
Goodhertz - Interesting variety of plugins at various prices. I like the Mid/Side and Faraday Limiter plugins.

Aside from those I use Toontrack Superior drummer (within Logic's Drummer mostly), Toontrack EZkeys for quick piano beds and really like Native Instruments' Solid series (Bus Comp, Dynamics and EQ).


What I use 99% of the time:

- Stillwell - Rocket / Bombardier
- VoS - NastyDLA / epicVerb / BootEQ / BaxterEQ (freeware)
- Cockos - ReaEQ (freeware)

JCM 800

There are some incredible plugins available today. More choices than ever and they keep getting better and better. I have to watch my plug addiction. I use the following nearly every mix:

  • Slate Trigger, VTM, VCC, and VBC collection.
  • Brainworx bx_console
  • Waves CLA comps. Killer
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q 2, Pro DS, Pro L
  • Maag Audio EQ4. Airband is awesome
  • All Valhalla reverbs. Increadible reverbs at VERY good pricing.
  • Altiverb
  • Soundtoys Echoboy, Decapitator
  • Magic AB


Softube Tsar is my go to verb and the Slate vmr handles most of my vocal/instrument mixing. I downloaded the free version of Klanghelm MJUC and it's great. I also use Slate vtm and vcc on nearly every track. Slate Vbc lives on my mix bus. One of my favorite plugins to use is Kush ubk-1, it lives on my drum buss and keyboards.

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