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Your favorite REM song?


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These guys are friends of mine. Mike bought a home in CA recently, so I don't expect I will see him much now. Still see Bill often.

I was in studio for pre-production on "Rockville" and it is still one of my favs of thiers.

I remember riding around Athens with Mike Mills in that old blue T-bird - early 60's I think. Great times.

Bill and Mike have nice homes on Lake Oconee. I don't know if Mike is keeping his or not.

Those days back in the 80's were fun times in Athens, GA!


Saw them live in 1987 (fantastic show) and 1989 (good but not great). They opened the show in 1987 with this one, which is probably my favorite R.E.M. song overall:
then when they played this one about halfway through, everyone stood up and didn’t sit down again for the rest of the show (one of the best covers ever):
In 1989, they played a cover of the Velvet Underground song After Hours, which was probably the highlight of the show. And speaking of the VU, this song is just about the only post-Green song in their catalog I like, and I love this one; sounds like it could have come straight off Velvet Underground & Nico:


So many great songs! Love Begin the Begin, What's the Frequency Kenneth, Exhuming McCarthy, Pop Song 89 but this is one I rarely see people mention:


Fu Schnickens

Cant Get There From Here
Begin the Begin

I loved REM in high school and after, up through Green. Murmur, Chronic Town, Fables, Dead Letter Office all saw heavy rotation on my stereo. Saw them at the Forum, I think, on the Green tour with my girlfriend. It was great. They were active on stage, engaging, and everybody sang along with End of the World lyrics on a big screen. I got laid so hard after that show.

Then they went pop.


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big fan!! SOOOOOO many to choose from!

Fables and Pageant are my huckleberry

I was in a band in the 80's that SO wanted to be REM. I wasn't a huge fan at that time, I only knew the few songs I'd heard on the radio. But I was just happy to be in an original band that had good material. I think Pageant came out at that time and that was it, I was all in. The Queen is Dead also hit around then and I became a full on Indy rocker. What a time to be in a band!!

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