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The Whiz

Nothing I have tried sounds quite as nice as my old hardwired ac cord DMM. The closest has been a model of the DMM in my eleven rack. But still not quite there.
It’s not just the delayed signal but the dry signal seems to have this nice clarity or something and the repeats don’t interfere with dry but do their own beautiful thing.


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Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport. It's not analog but doesn't sound like the typical digital delay - it's "soft" sounding, with a beautiful switchable modulation effect. It's out of production, but can be found used - though some are being sold at a premium over the original new price.

Bob T.

How similar is this to the DMM?
I find the Memory to be its own thing within the family of DMM. The repeats seems to get darker more quickly than some of the really great examples of DMM's. The modulation is GORGEOUS, and is worth keeping on the board alone. The higher feedback settings have a touch more grit with an almost a "pulse" with every repeat. It's not tremolo, but it reminds me of that type of pulse while creating a really great modulating ambience. So nice!

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