Your feedback on MXR M300 Reverb?



I like the sounds I hear on YT from this pedal. I plan to use it in the series loop of my amp. I know some reverb pedals do not like that. What about that one?

How noisy is it?

Thank you for your help and Merry Christmas :)


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I had this for a bit, used it in a serial loop as well. Never had any problems with noise, and it was a fun little delay with some really good sounds. I eventually sold it because I still liked my flint more, but it's worth a play if you like the sounds. One word, I found having to turn on and off 100% wet to be inconvenient, I'd rather it just have a wet dry mix at all times. Oh and the pad mode is an awesome alternative to a typical shimmer.


I haven't noticed any problems with noise on mine! In the store, when I tested one there was an audible 'fzz' noise when you pressed the footswitch but I think that was just a poor power supply, at home it's beautfully quiet. It's by far the best reverb effect I've owned, in terms of sound quality it's far ahead of the RV-6 I had just before it. I wrote a fairly in-depth and extremely long review of it on reddit [LINK], but the gist of it is that I think it's really, REALLY good. The plate reverb alone is almost worth the price, it's fantastic.

Part of the reason I bought it over the flint was that I already owned a Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo that I really enjoy, so I knew I didn't need to double up on trem.

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