Your most important pedal is your tuner. Change my mind.


It's important to be in tune. If your tuner is in pedal form, it's an important pedal. But there are other forms of tuners/tuning.

That being said, I like my tuner pedal. It's also a great mute switch. Wouldn't build a board without one.


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I got this pedal by a company called Mr. Black, (you should check em out) called a double chorus. Being in tune is indeed important. It leads to shredding which leads to stealing chics from the drummer. However, having the perceived sound of not one, but TWO guitars, at once by using this chorus is amazing. It doubles your chances to rock harder, and be dimensional. Magician-like. By using this chorus, one of your guitars in tune but the mysterious other guitar is kind of detuned. They work together and two is better than one. So, in essence you get the best of both worlds and dont need just A tuner. You need a double chorus.


Agreed. A high quality tuner is essential, if you're playing in a band. Tune quickly and quietly, so absolutely no one hears you tune - EVER. That sh** doesn't make sense, any more. No one wants to hear a guy tuning his guitar - not even other band members lol.

When I started playing, all I had was a 329.6 Hz tuning fork, and I tuned, relatively to that. That's fine, for beginners who can't afford a tuner, but eventually, it no longer makes sense - especially in a live performance environment.

In a band, you don't always have the luxury of everyone being real quiet, so you can hear yourself tune through the P.A. (cringing). So, if the drummer wants to play some crazy-as* fills in between songs, or the lead singer wants to have a little banter with the audience, or something, who cares? You can still tune accurately, regardless.

With your sound muted, no one in the audience (aside from other musicians) will even know you're tuning - and that's the way it should be. They're there to hear music - not a guy, tuning his ******* guitar.

It should only take a few moments to tune your guitar properly, and the audience should never have to be subjected to hearing it. NO excuses - not if you have a good tuner.

Obviously, opinions vary, and you are all welcome to yours.

(I also don't like keeping a tuner (any tuner) in my signal path - ever. This way, my pedal tuner is always on and always usable, whether or not I'm feeding a signal through my system.

I use my volume pedal as a mute switch lol.

Ernie Ball 6166 (Left) - my favorite volume pedal of all time.

At least a few of my pedals are buffered, so I'm already covered there, as well. I don't really need that from a tuner pedal.

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