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I’ve built 4 warmoths: 2 soloists, a tele and a strat. They are my workhorses and I love them! Honestly, I have a killer PRS and LP Standard that stay home. Almost feel guilty keeping them. Warmoth is wonderful to work with, consistent and toneful.


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I have several. I’ve been very happy with the fit and finish. Here is the only thing I’ll say negative, do not spend any extra money on flame necks. I ordered two necks and spent an extra $300 a piece for super flames necks. They are absolutely not even remotely at all better than the two standard flame necks without the $300 up-charge. When I complained, I was told that I should be happy they gave me such nice non-$300 up-charge necks. That was a total horse **** answer considering none of the necks are very flamed.


I have a ‘59 Roundback neck vintage modern build that is about 12 years old. I recently replaced the body which is ‘73 Strat ash body (lead weight, bad resonance) in favor of a hardtail, alder body from Warmoth and finished it with Tung oil. I was shocked at how snug and perfectly the neck fit the body. The only issue was the neck pocket was a 1/16” too shallow. I did not want to rout the pocket any deeper because of its perfect fit and my lack of routing skills. Instead, I put a metal shim under the bridge saddles which worked perfectly. The bonus is that the slightly raised saddles gives it a Les Paul feel on the right hand when playing. Action, tone and playability are superb.


Built two guitars and purchased two additional necks from them. Everything I have received from them has been top notch.


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As everyone else has said, top shelf. Customer service is first-rate, too.

BTW, I have an unused, roasted Strat neck with staggered tuners I may sell if you are interested. (From a 'project' I will never get to.)

Black Cat

I recently got a fretless J bass neck with an ebony board from them that is absolutely amazing. It’s attached to an equally exceptional Warmoth P bass body.


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I LOVE WARMOTH! My two Warmoth necks are my favorite necks of all time. Also their bodies are phenomenal. Excellent quality all around and if you know exactly what you want then you can get the specs you want which would be hard to find elsewhere. Love the Roasted Maple necks by the way, they require no finish and sound and feel great. I am more than happy with my two Warmoth partscasters and yet still I fantasize about getting more from them (even though I do not need any more guitars or guitar parts right now). My main guitar (the one on the right) is warmoth body and neck. The tele-ish one next to it is also Warmoth body and neck. Love them both.


I'm considering ordering a Strat replacement neck from Warmoth.

Your thoughts/advice about Warmoth and their products?

I've done a Warmoth build, a "Swiss Army Strat", posted the results here before on various threads. Parts quality, fit and finish were all impeccable, the price was competitive (about $200 cheaper) to a box-stock USA Strat. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone looking to DIY a guitar build without starting completely from scratch.

My only two comments against are that their selection of parts could be better (they're expecting you to make a fairly tame custom build, so their selection of caps, resistors, toggles etc. is a bit light, but you can go to Stew-Mac or Mouser for that), and I had to wait 8 weeks with no cash and no axe while they built out the neck, body and pickguard.

Knowing what I know now, I would have ordered the pickguard, pickups and other electronics in a separate order, as that would then have shipped faster, and I could have been assembling the fairly complex pickguard while waiting for the body and neck.




Not hating at all, but I didn't have the life changing experience others seem to have enjoyed.

I have a 2000s MIM HH Tele that has been a nice project/experiment guitar for years. It's had 4 different necks on it including a Warmoth: Slim C, vintage/modern constr, maple/ebony, satin finish, graphtech nut installed, 22 reg medium jumbo frets. It is easily my least favorite of the necks that have been on it. The tangibles- tons of sprout (I live through New England winters, I know sprout. And no, I did not take delivery in the winter), frets needed leveling, nut needed attention. I turned it all over to a familiar and very reputable pro to take care of everything and came back with a very uninspiring instrument. The intangibles: felt like a dead piece of lumber. Nothing about it felt "there" and after a month or so of forcing myself to play it, I quit and it's been sitting in its case since.

Again, this is not hate and I'm not looking for any troubleshooting advice from anybody or excuses on behalf of the company. I'm just sharing my experience. Overall impression? Considering that I paid nearly 4 bills for the neck, I might have done better to spend a little more and have one made locally to my spec, which is what I will likely do next time the urge strikes.

Look pretty good, though...



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Knowing what I know now, I would have ordered the pickguard, pickups and other electronics in a separate order, as that would then have shipped faster, and I could have been assembling the fairly complex pickguard while waiting for the body and neck.

Yes....this is definitely the way to do it.


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Like Warmoth bodys but prefer AllParts necks as they feel better to me.


i am a fan of USA custom guitars,
but they disappeared.

preferred them over warmoth, after a lot of research.

built my custom strat with all usacg parts,
and it has been an awesome axe so far.

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