You're playing for your life - What amp?


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Let's be absurd for a moment. You're playing a gig "for your life." The better your tone, the better your chance for survival.

You need to pick an amp you've played before. What would you pick?

My choice: Blankenship Fat Boy w/ Sour Cream through 1x15 cab.


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No amp. My 72 Manuel Contreras classical through a Telefunken u47 with a Trident b range mic pre.

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I'd have a tough choice, and I'm honestly not sure which way I'd go... I guess it would depend on what music I needed to play "for my life".

For blues, pop and some classic rock stuff, maybe even country - I'd have to go with the 18 watt Marshall 1973X hand Wired 1X12 combo. Plug into the normal channel and it ahs two knobs - volume and tone. Put bot on ten and ride that guitar volume - awesome.

If I have to play a wide variety of stuff or harder stuff - My Mesa Mini Rectifier. Once I learned how to properly dial it I was AMAZED at how versatile it was!

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