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YouTube rant...(Well, it's not really about YouTube)


Colonel of Truth
I've been cleaning my bookmarks folder and I'm astounded at how many wonderful music performance videos have been deleted recently. I understand, but I'm confused at the same time.

I would not mind paying for this content, considering the joy I got out of those videos prior to their deletion. I regularly pay $.99 a song from iTunes, why wouldn't YouTube do the same and just pay the damn copyright holders for the right for me to use it, store it, play it indefinitely, and make me happy. I would dearly love to retrieve that awesome old b&w live video of Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs singing their hit, Wooly Bully on a 60's music TV show. And there are so many more I'd love to have. Lots.

So, what do the copyright holders stand to gain by not, um, gaining my $.99 to look at that video. Is YouTube stupid? Are the copyright holders stupid, as well? Where can I go get this stuff? I don't mind paying... Would you folks pay for this stuff, too? Should I start the iTunes of video?

Rant mode off...

Have a nice day.


I see your point, I've experienced the same frustration in the past. I think in most cases the people who post the clips on youtube aren't the copyright holders anyway, and it might be a double edged sword in that, it might be convenient to be able to download the clips you want to keep, but at the same time it might erode the "deregulated" nature of youtube which seems to be the very thing that makes it so appealing in the first place.
Of course I know nothing about what it would take to achieve what you're suggesting, so I could be completely wrong. I wonder what others think about this.

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