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You've got $5k/10k/15k/20k/25k to spend. What are you buying?


Gold Supporting Member
OK, this is just for fun, but I am curious as to what folks will say...

Let's say you've got a bundle cash free and clear. Mortgage/rent is paid, bills are taken care of, money in the bank/investments, yatta yatta, etc... And so you've got cash to buy some dream guitars.

What guitar(s) would you try to buy at each price level?: $5k/10k/15k/20k/25k?

For example:

$5k- '71/'72 standard Blonde Telecaster (or maybe a choice Cherry '64 jr.)

$10k- Rarer custom color mid-'60s Jaguar (other than CAR, LPB, OLY, any of the custom greens, silver, gold...a rare color).

$15k- '64 SG Standard

$20k- '64/'65 "L-Series" Sunburst Strat

$25k- '58 3-tone burst maple neck Strat (or maybe a '54 Gold Top?)

As you can see, I have a problem limiting myself to just one, so I say list as many as you'd like. The idea is if you had that amount, what do you think you could go after, condition/finish will change value dramatically, but I am just estimating going rates for these instruments.

This is mainly for guitars and basses, but if there is a piece of gear that you need to have (say an amp or maybe some nice studio gear) I say anything is game! Open your magical wallets and let's hear what you'd buy!


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Hmm, interesting question.

If I have $75k to spend, I would likely commission an archtop jazz guitar for around $5-8K then put the rest into my IRA. I pretty much have all the guitars I want besides a jazz box.

Boringly responsible, I know.

Bryan T

guitar owner
Earlier this year, I couldn’t bring myself to spend $5k on a Collings I-30. If the money fell in my lap, I’d consider it. I don’t think I could drop more than that on a guitar.
I dunno. More money doesnt really equate a better guitar and my avri52 is better than some master built teles I've played and vintage ones too. So i guess I'd have to play around more and find the primest of examples of teles, strats, and custom guitars I can find

That said if I had 15k. I'd be tempted to buy a Languedoc


Hmm... the only guitars I'm really interested in that are over $1000.00 are a Gretsch 6120, either just a Player's Edition or the Vintage Select ''59 Chet Atkins model, and the George Harrison Duo Jet.

Both of those together would be close to $8k CDN but I've always fared quite well with guitars around the $1k mark and never really saw a need to spend a lot more.


There's only a few guitars that I want and none of them really cost over $5000. I'm not into vintage instruments and aside from custom made, it'd be hard to top $10k on a single guitar. That being said, I'd want to add the following guitars to my inventory:

- PRS 594 (new 2020 model with TCI pickups)
- PRS Paul's Guitar
- Suhr Asato Signature (Black)
- Tyler Studio Elite
- Strat w/ SSS pickups from either Fender CS, Suhr, Grosh or Tyler
- Tele from either Fender CS, Suhr or Tyler

All said, maybe $25k tops. A little wiggle room for amps:

- Two Rock Classic Reverb w/ matching 2x12
- Mesa Boogie Lone Star or Lone Star Special w/ matching 2x12
- Friedman JJ100 w/ matching 4x12

With the remaining $35k+, I'd upgrade my home audio system.

big mike

Platinum Supporting Member
Im game for op’s topic

5k (ish)
Kauer superchief with some cool pinstripes and slider switch options like cocked wan and oop tones. Probably caddy green and gold hardware

10k id go fender custom shop master built Ron thorn. Semi hollow thin line style tele with a bunch of sick options in wood and hardware stuff. Buckers, Ron’s new trem design, etc. shoot the moon.

15k early 60’s Gibson ES 355, preferably cherry

20k earliest telecaster I could find for this $$

25k earliest esquire I could find for this $


Platinum Supporting Member
5Kish - already there with a new Ruokangas coming

10Kish - A big box Ruokangas or a semi-hollow from Hurting

15K and above - I'm not sure of what fits where at this level. Certainly a Manzer acoustic if at all possible (assuming near 20K), or maybe an original D'Angelico.

Kurt L

Hmm, interesting question.

If I have $75k to spend, I would likely commission an archtop jazz guitar for around $5-8K then put the rest into my IRA. I pretty much have all the guitars I want besides a jazz box.

Boringly responsible, I know.
Sounds like a great plan to me. You know Chris would be happy to build anything you want!


I wouldn't spend any money on gear like that. I have what I want. I'm retired so any extra funds go in the bank or to my financial advisor to invest for me.


I played a 63 strat last summer that was amazing. The seller was asking $ 26,000. (Canadian dollars) Maybe if I had lots of cash I might consider it. But my Protocaster strat, that cost me about $2100. Is probably as good.

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