Zendrive or Gaspedals Dumb Bell to stack with OCD

I have narrowed my lead pedal search down to either the Zendrive or Gaspedals Dumb Bell to compliment my OCD V.4.
I have heard clips of the OCD and Zendrive ( sounded very nice) but I have not heard anything regarding the Dumb Bell and stacking with other pedals.

Gaspedals is offering a version 2 of the Dumb Bell that looks great.

I can't decide wich route to go. Obviously if I had more $ I would try both but thats not an option.

Any advice would be appreciated.



I have a v4 OCD,and it sounds excellent in front of the Blues Pro.
The OCD is crisp & mid scooped,the BP (like the Zendrive) is thick and mid heavy,and they mate up very well...
Not exactly what you're asking but in the ballpark.

thirsty one

Supporting Member

I am curious about this as well.

Do you run your OCD into a clean amp setting or into a barley cliping amp setting?
I'm not familiar with the Dumb Bell but I have been using Zendrives for many years and I can't imagine anything sounding better. I have both the original Zendrive and the Zendrive II and love them both. I'm playing Strats through Fender tube amps.

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