Zendrive serial number?


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Got a pre-owned Zendrive in the mail today. :dude I haven't had a chance to plug it in yet though, can't wait...

Anyway, here's my question: How do you interpret the serial number - is the serial number = the manufacturing date (month/day/year)?


When I bought mine Alfonso was still teaching and making these on the side. He used the date for the ser. # with a # after indicating what order it was completed that day. Mine had a 03 after the date meaning it was the 3rd one of the day completed.
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Good question. And, IIRC, the topic's come up here before

I'm off to find a screwdriver, but I don't remember it as being a conventional looking serial number. Once I've popped the hood, I'll add that info to this post

When I got mine in the summer of '05, the most complicated part of the whole exchange was figuring out how to calculate international shipping costs (to Canada!)! To me, it sure didn't feel like a regular business deal, and I didn't get the impression that Alph'd put a lot of time & energy into the serial number side of the equation, either

Pretty sure mine starts with a "1".. As in "ONE"! But mine isn't even the first one with an aluminum top (That summer, he went from a white paper cover to metal), so I'm thinkin maybe it was the 1st one he'd built that day, maybe

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