ZenPro Modded HS80M - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by KidArchitect, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. KidArchitect

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    May 5, 2011
    Washington, DC/Northern VA
    So, I've been saving up to buy new monitors for a while now.

    Had narrowed down my choices:

    Neumann KH 120
    Adam AX7
    Focal CMS65

    I was 95% sure on getting the Neumanns very soon. Incredibly soon.

    Then I get an email from ZenProAudio saying they've done this incredible mod to the HS80Ms and it opens up the monitors completely.

    So now I'm torn. I'm a bit of a sucker for cheaper things being modded to sound better. My Oktava 012s are the poster child for this. Same with my modded Apex 205 w/ lundahl.

    But...damn...I was so dead set on the Neumanns...

    Is it possible to take a set of monitors, mod the crap out of them, and make them even better, or at least comparable, to the Neumanns?

    Warren (owner of ZenPro) seems to think so (and he sells all those monitors...but he's suggesting the cheapest ones). I'm just curious to what you all think of this:

    (I have zero affiliation. Just looking to get some feedback on this from my peers!)

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