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Zep TSRTS: Fan Edition


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Finally was able to find a copy of this and it's so much better than the official release. What someone did was to remove all the filler at the start of the movie and between songs, put the songs in the correct running order (including the extra tracks from the remastered DVD), and added a bunch of extra live video from the show.

The results are fantastic. The energy and excitement of the show come through now because of the continuity and lack of distractions from the filler. If only Zep had released it in this form, there'd be a lot less haters (who have formed their opinions of live Zep based on the original bloated, out of order, and pretentious release of the movie).

The movie starts with Bron-Y-Aur playing while the limos approach MSG and then BAM! the show starts and the music does not let up. Another cool thing they did was at the end of WLL they show the band coming off stage while the crowd screams for more. Then there's shots of the crowd applauding for an encore for a few minutes and then BAM! they return to play The Ocean. Again, really makes it seem like a real concert.

Here's the setlist:

Rock and Roll
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Over the Hills and Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
The Song Remains the Same
The Rain Song
Dazed and Confused
Stairway to Heaven
Moby Dick
Whole Lotta Love
The Ocean
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The reason the "filler" was there in the first place is the camera men didnt film the whole show. Parts of the show were recreated in a warehouse to fill out the film where the fantasy segments didnt. You can see the mistakes where in one scene Page's hair is soaked and the next clip (same song) it is dry. There is also a spot in WLL where he is playing the sunburst and then is playing the red guitar and suddenly playing the sunburst again without missing a note.


That sounds like it's really good! The reason why I don't like TSRTS too much is because of the fantasy scenes.

Question: Are the fantasy scenes during songs removed too? Like in the No Quarter song, where the fantasy sequence is shown more than the actual performance, and we miss most of Page's playing.

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