Zeppelin: Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux

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    When Atlantic Records approached Page about a Zeppelin box set, he, Plant, and Jones got together to agree on what would, and wouldn't be included. They all wanted a Bonham solo but couldn't agree between Moby Dick and Bonzo's Montreux.

    So Jimmy put on his Engineer cap and took the two tracks into the studio, and with the help of George Marino, came up with this.

    The Moby Dick portion is early Zep beating it's chest like King Kong, with some KILLER Page licks during the breaks. The Montreux stuff pre-dates the techno-beat fad that would explode during the MTV era 80s. If you listen to Herbie Handcock's Rockit, you can hear some of the influence. And that's just one example.

    With all due respect to Ian Paice, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Carmine Appice, etc.; and the dozens of incredible players that came in his wake:
    the greatest rock drummer of all time - John Henry Bonham.


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    i'm not so sure that moby dick and montreaux were the best examples of Bonzo's work.
    moby dick was great when i first heard it......(i don't know it's so hard to get excited about a drum solo). montreaux was good too.....when i first heard it , it was ok , but i was like "eh, it's just a drum solo." i will say that the best way to listen to his studio drum solos is good and loud. they do sound amazing cranked up.
    but, i do agree with your opinion of Bonzo, i think he was one of a kind , a freak...never will be another one like him in a million years.
    a rare talent in that he knew how to make the drums swing , and knew when to play hard or when to back off for the betterment of the song.
    in every zeppelin track you can just feel his enthusiasm.
    the first time i saw "TSRTS" was the first time i had actually seen "the man" behind the drum kit, and like millions of others i was in awe....he was larger than life...
    just like page is to guitarists, so is Bonzo to drummers.
    i read the book his brother wrote a few years ago (i can't remember the name off-hand) , i remember reading that Bonham was quite the prankster when he was younger , he also was quite a showman, i seem to remember his brother writing that he wasn't to keen on practicing, but he LOVED showing off and playing in front of people.
    i think that's true, because his i think that's where he really shines is in playing live. i have a lot of zep boots and it's amazing at how reliable he was night after night.
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