Sold Zhangbucker Paul Bunyan Telecaster Bridge Pickup


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Barely used, as I have converted my tele back to more vintage specs. This pickup sounded great with the Fralin p92 I had in the neck position. It's a perfect match for more powerful neck pickups.

Excellent condition with long leads. $55 shipped and pp'd.

From the manufacturer:

BRIDGE: The Paul Bunyan bridge is easily one of the most popular pickup models of any type I make. The first guy I made it for passed his Tele around to his friends to let them take a taste. One said “Sounds like a 10-foot tall Tele. That’s Paul Bunyan’s Tele right there.” It stuck.

This is for the player who cries himself to sleep over the lack of a Tele bridge that gives you midrange grunt and muscle without giving up ANY of the twang you got a Tele for to begin with. Can also be made with A2 or A3 for a sweeter top, or with big 1/4” rods to widen the tone even more.

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