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Zion Guitars compared with Suhr and TA (?)


I stumbled on an old thread on this site from 2008 because of my curiousity regarding Zion a smaller brand of guitar.
And while reading that old discussion I saw a comparison with Suhr and "TA" , now maybe I am a newbie etc.etc. but
I cannot find a guitarbrand called "TA" or a brand with the abrasion "T....A...."
So can anyone help me out here? TA=underlined (see below)

I will give a copy of the original text from "GuitarDude5":

"I really like the look of that Classic you're thinking about getting. The bookmatch is quite stunning. Zions are fantastic guitars that do equal TA or Suhr. A lot depends on the model and when the particular guitar was built. Some Zions were in fact made from TA parts in the 80's. The current guitars are built in house in North Carolina and are killer. Like was mentioned earlier in your thread, the resale has gotten better recently on them."


Allright...now you've mentioned it...stupid of me...I came across that name loads of times on the internet
regarding guitars etc. OK...but I already suspected something that was staring me in the face,...yet I overlooked..

Thank you very much ....


They made some fine guitars, but the aesthetics didn’t age quite as well as the TA guitars imho. Still, there are some great ones out there.

My recollection is that they generally felt “thicker”...I know that sounds weird. Like they’re more heavily built and the sound was more congealed/compressed, like a set neck, or neck through almost. What I liked about my TA’s (never owned a Suhr) is that they felt Lively and sounded spanky....had some life to them.

These days...I rarely play TA, Suhr or even more so...Zion guitars, but for a while there, I really wanted one. It was in Portland OR in ‘91 and was really great, but I had no dough. Right around that time I played a Hamer Californian and a Chaparral that we’re sick. All three made an impression. Missed the boat on those.
Never heard of Zion but own Anderson and Suhr and they’re at the top of the heap as far as I’m concerned. If Zion is in the same camp you’ll be good to go


Haven't ever heard anything bad about them. They are definitely in the small camp but seem to have a small but devout group of players who stick with them... sort of like Steinberger or the like. They seemed to be much bigger in the 80's and 90's than now.


I own 2 Tom Anderson's and 1 Suhr, and that they're are amazing high end guitars to me.

I remember wanting a Zion really bad in the mid 90's ,but never had access to try one out.

They're not in demand anymore and I'm sure you can find one for a steal these days.

If you can get a killer price on the Zion, then I'd jump on it.

Here's a '93 Zion for $1400.

I personally wouldn't that price for this guitar,but that's me.



Platinum Supporting Member
FWIW, Ken Hoover, the founder / builder of ZION guitars used to be a member here. Don't think I've seen him on here in years.

I think Phil Keaggy and Bob Hartman used to play them quite a bit.

The Powerglide was a sweet looking guitar.

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Owned Many Zions..If You Can Find An Older One With A Mann Bridge @ The Right Price...Grab It ...Had A TA ....Great Guitar...Prefer Zions...


I believe Ken Hoover passed away from complications related to MS.
I have had several Zions, still have a T model with Bill Lawrence pu's, and a Burning Desire with Bardens.


Silver Supporting Member
Zion Guitars brand was carried by Lab Sound during the late 80s/early 90s. I probably first saw them at the valley location but they were definitely stocked after Lab Sound's move to Hollywood. They were on the wall right next to Tom Anderson and PRS, so I demoed a handful of them. The Zion's were cool but I preferred Tom Anderson for that style of guitar. Never owned a Zion but you know they were quality if Lab Sound had them during that timeframe.

Those were the days when the Tubbs brothers (Shawn and Scott) and Rob DeLeo worked there. It was a really fun time for a young guitar player and those guys were super helpful.


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