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Zoom CDR-70 owners... controller


Ballhawk. I used sendspace to send you the files. Sorry if you think this is some scam.

There were 2 files. A png and some .io midi file.


Silver Supporting Member
I don't think it's a scam see my pm. My employer is a pita when it comes to the interwebz.


Why Zoom wouldn't want to manufacture this as an addon to their pedal line? I wonder how hard it is to adapt it for the other MS pedals...


Disaster Area has a ghost converter that you can get built into their controllers for an extra $50 I think. I think this will allow you to get:
  • Random Access of patches - you don't have to go through A - Z in order
  • Immediate access to Tuner
  • Tap Tempo

Of course this depends on the controller you get and how many switches. On the downside - COST!
You'll likely end up spending double the cost of the unit just to control it. Personally, no worth it to me. I use my CDR in to loop of my Amplifire. I control whether the loop is on or off on the Amplifire so I can cycle through patches on the CDR without hearing them. Then I have the CDR setup for a long press of the switch takes me into tap tempo.

I think the big oversight from zoom was not putting in an input for EXP / CTL - like the G3 has. Would be nice to have an external switch even just for tap tempo.

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