Zoom G3/G5 Owners...Question About Clean Amp Models....


I'm excited about the Zoom MS-50G Multisomp. I'm a stomp box enthusiast. I use pedals into amps and modelers. I've been waiting for somebody to make a small, quality multi-fx unit that contained a few amp and cab models. It looks as if Zoom has done it.

G3/G5 owners...Does the MS-50G contain at least one great clean amp model? All I need is one great sounding amp and cabinet model and my stomp boxes will take care of the rest. If it has at least one great clean amp model, the rest of the features are just icing on the cake for me.

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I have a track here using the FD Combo. You can get clean. Gain and tube parameters need to be set low but they also clean up well with the guitar volume. There is the Dist+ I think on this but I didn't have it dialled in well at the time. Bit of chorus near the end. Recorded with the looper.


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