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Zoom G3 into flat channel Yamaha THR10?

Hi folks,

Got a new Zoom G3 on the way; planning to use it primarily as a multi effects unit without amp or cab sims into the THR10 since I really like the THR amp tones but it's a bit shy on fx. But I was thinking that I might also take a shot as putting the THR on the flat channel and using it as a monitor for the G3 amp and cab sims. In my mind this seems like a great plan that will turn my THR+G3 into an EXTRA mean little practice setup.

Should this work? (And not just in the technical sense - I mean will this sound at least "pretty good"?)

Has anyone else tried pumping a modeling unit with cab simulation through the THR flat channel?


ive used my boss gt100 into the flat channel on my thr10x, it works fine, with the added bonus of storing all my patches on the gt100, and when i can use a bit more volume run the gt100 into my studio monitors.


Does the Zoom G3 have stereo out? I'm asking because I thought the thr10's 1/4" input was mono only, leaving only the AUX input if stereo from the G3 was desired. Maybe I'm wrong about that?
Well folks, G3 into THR10 flat channel (via 1/4" input, not headphone jack) works like a CHARM. The G3 comes through beautifully. The only thing I'm at all disappointed about is that the G3 overdrive effects don't seem to play as nice with the THR amp models as I was hoping. But with how good the G3 amp sims sound, and how well the overdrive effects work with the G3 amps, I'm not concerned.

Mission accomplished


G3 is really weird when it comes to overdrive effects. The default settings is useless most of the time and you need to turn everything down to make it resemble the original thing. I'm using G3X + THR10 with the zoom being responsible for wah, whammy, octave and some overdrive too. I got best results with following models:

ZClean - for clean boost
ZScream - better TS than the actual TS model
Booster - nice non-transparent boost
Dist+ - for nice oldschool distortion
FuzzFace+DirtyGate - for that messy fuzz tones

I'd say that once settings on zoom and the yamaha are reasonable the overdrive models work as good as real life ones.

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