ZT Lunchbox Model Confusion


I'm considering the purchase of a ZT Lunchbox 2 amp (200 watts, 6.5") speaker. I've noticed at Guitar Center and other retailers there seem to be different models of this same amp floating around: LBG2, LBG2S, LBG02. What is the most current model # of this amp?

Also is this amp worthwhile as a backup? I've got a couple of 2x12s lying around I could plug this in to. Has anyone had good results with the ZT thru an external cabinet? What wattage would my external cab and speakers have to have to run the ZT as a head? (The amp is supposed to put out 200 watts!).
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The amp likely puts out closer to 75w into 8 ohms, 120w into 4 ohms. It's loud but not crushingly loud. It sounds decent into an external speaker and certainly makes a good backup, especially if you get your reverb from a pedal (the onboard reverb sucks).
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