ZVEX Fuzz Factory Transistors Question


First post on here, so first of all hi and thanks for having me.

I've been doing a little research into Fuzz Factorys (Factories?)(Factory's?) lately and I've noticed that after about 2003 the transistors change. Pre-2003/4 they are tall and skinny. 2004-present, they have short fat ones, which they use in both the hand-painted and Vexter models. Anyone know about the differences and the change in tone they may have? I've always personally liked the earlier ones way better but wasn't sure why and this may be the reason. Anyway, sorry if this issue has already been addressed but I couldn't find anything on the subject through searching.

2003 model

Newer model


The 2003 model almost looks to be a matched pair of OC44's or CV7000's.... Hard to tell from the pic though. Interesting ...the second pic looks to be the same style that I have used in the handful of pedals I have built based on this circuit. I wanna say they were 2N404A's. Both are PNP germanium. I have had handfuls of both transistor. The 2N404's I've had have had a higher hFe compared to the OC44's I've had. I like both though. Hope this helps some!:)

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