ZVex SHO...what place in the chain?

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by KeithC, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. KeithC

    KeithC Silver Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    I have a SHO coming to try out.
    I am wondering where you folks put your's in your effects chain.
    I have heard it doesn't do well with a buffered effect in front of it.
    So, I suppose my TU-2 Tuner will have to come after it?
    I usually run into the tuner first then to an OD,wah,Visual Sounds Delay/chorus and then into a Boss Trem.

    Any insights anyone can give me before it gets here would be appreciated.
    It will be used with a 74 Pro Reverb non-master, and also a 5C5 Tweed clone.

  2. drbob1

    drbob1 Silver Supporting Member

    Aug 9, 2004
    I run mine with just a little gain, right after my wah and before everything else, that way it acts like an input buffer...
  3. Franklin

    Franklin Member

    Jul 1, 2005
    I run mine last as a lead boost.
  4. zoooombiex

    zoooombiex Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    Columbus, OH
    i put mine (actually, a super-duper) at the very end of the chain. i already have a klon at the beginning to buffer the signal and to run as a boost before any pedals. the super-duper i use as an overall volume boost right before the amp and it does the job beautifully. i haven't noticed any problems with running it after the buffer.

    as to the previous poster, not to be a stickler, but i don't believe the SHO actually "buffers" the signal in the sense of having a low-impedence output. it just boosts the whole signal pretty neutrally - and will not prevent the high-impedence signal loss like the klon or another truly buffered pedal. that may be what the poster meant, but i just thought i'd clarify for the original poster's sake.
  5. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot Member

    Jun 20, 2004
    Uppsala, Sweden
    Unless specifically designed to output a high impedance signal, all active circuits are low impedance at the output. It's the nature of the beast, and the SHO is no different. Naturally, when bypassed, the SHO doesn't do anything to the signal (it is true bypass, and doesn't have an in-line buffer stage that is always active). But as soon as you activate it, you get a low impedance signal from its output jacks. When placed first in line, the guitar pickups will work with the SHO's input impedance (which is set unusually high, giving the pu's extra "sparkle"), and the output of the SHO will drive whatever is following it.

    So is it a buffer or a booster, then? Keep in mind that a buffer is an application, rather than a specific unit. The application we call "buffer" is simply a unity gain amplifier stage, which we will then call "booster" as soon as you increase the gain above 1:1.

  6. dave s

    dave s Member

    Apr 24, 2003
    NE Ohio

    try it between your tuner and the OD first and see how it does. IMO, the SHO does NOT do a good job boosting my OD pedal. However, if you have a really mid-focused OD like a blues driver or another TS-type OD, it might work better than what I have on my board.

    Watch out for the on/off 'pops' the SHO drops on your rig!

  7. dinrodef

    dinrodef Guest

    From my experience...

    The SHO sounds best in front of buffered pedals.

    IF you can, put your tuner in the SHO's second output. As long as you're using a good cable, you won't notice any tone loss when using both outputs.

    Take some time to experiment.. .I've gotten great results placing the SHO after modulation effects...but in front of fuzz pedals. Expect to compromise a bit.
  8. KeithC

    KeithC Silver Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    Thanks for all the reply's and insight.
    I did want to put the tuner in the second output but then realized I won't have muted tuning on stage. Unless I am missing something!

    My plan is to use it as a slight boost/sparke application and leave it on all the time if that makes any difference.
    If I understand right the output jacks are connected to the battery. So, I will have to unplug from there at the end of a session to save battery life?
    Thanks again!
  9. waxnsteel

    waxnsteel Member

    May 14, 2005
    Post dirt, pre modulation and delay. I use it as a boost. Works really well that way. I like the way other pedals push it better than the way it pushes them. Seems to make the "boost" effect work better.

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