ZVEX Super Duper 2 in 1 SA Mod - Limited Edition



Just saw this announced... from the site:

"Ladies and Gentlemen... we proudly introduce the special edition SA model of our ZVEX Super Duper. In order to understand why this new modified release is especially significant, we need to go back a few years. It was a different time, but still the same Universe. An intrepid young pedal maker named Zack Vex had a new design which he thought might be of interest to famed Music Producer and Rock Luminary Steve Albini. As it happened Zack made arrangements for Mr. Albini to receive one of these pedals when Steve was in town with his band Shellac to play a First Avenue Mainroom show. Years passed, and then one day Steve’s pedal arrived at the ZVEX shop for a Warranty repair. It was at this time Zack learned that his gift of a Super Hard On (SHO for short) had been used on countless recordings. The pedal was retuned to Mr. Albini after it’s repair and time marched on.

Early versions of the SHO had a quirk. They contained a transistor that was vulnerable to damage from static electricity. Zack added a component to protect that transistor, and that addition changed the sound. The SHO and its two channel big brother the Super Duper can be accurately described as secret sauce pedals. They impart clarity and definition, with natural sounding, sweet, chimey presence. The addition of a protection diode shaved off some of the very high end of that sparkle. Guitar tone wizards, and producers noticed the change and over the years Zack occasionally fielded requests for the earlier raw version. This modification was performed on both SHO and the Super Duper pedals per request. Now we are releasing a limited edition of of our Vexter Super Duper with a custom mod we’ve christened the “SA”. The ZVEX SA Super Duper has an added socket for the protection diode in order that it may be easily taken in and out of the pedal by the user without any special tools. Protection for the stage, raw for the studio.

The transistor used in 1996 was the Zetex E-line BS170P N-channel enhancement mode vertical DMOS FET and we've discovered a cache of the originals in our stock, so you'll be getting the exact same sound as the original SHO including the .1uF ceramic input capacitor on both channel one and channel 2, which was reduced to .01uF on the original Super Dupers to eliminate the shuddering sound as the DC settles down at high gain, but who doesn't like a bit of shuddering? I say, let it shudder."

...Thoughts? Anybody have an older SHO? Didn't know there was ever a variation in the earlier models.

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